Ozone Innovations is a South African business based in the Western Cape. We specialize in the design, manufacturing and installation of Ozone Equipment and Ultraviolet Sterilization Equipment. Collectively we have more than 15 years of experience in the Ozone and UV business.

We have the knowledge to recommend the right system for the right application, whether being ozone or UV.

We also do system automation should the client need to integrate, or control a secondary process together with the ozonation. Please click here for more information about automation.

Ozone Innovations operate the business in two mainstreams, namely:

Custom-designed systems:
Should one of our standard products not fit your needs 100%, we will custom-design a system for you to your requirements. Custom-designed applications include systems for agricultural, food, water sterilization, medical fields and many more. Please click here for more information about custom designs.

Standard Product range:
Ozone Innovations have a standard product range. The main areas of use are in the medical field, restaurant and food business, odor elimination business, disinfecting and water sterilization business.

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