This unit is ideal for use in the medical field. The unit is suitable and compact enough to be used in doctors consulting rooms. Below are some medical uses and therapies for ozone.

Medical Applications of Ozone

Ozone has the ability to “blast” holes through the membranes of viruses, yeasts, bacteria and abnormal tissue cells, thereby killing them. Ozone was the focus of considerable research in Germany during the early part of the 20th Century where it was successfully used to treat patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disorders, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease and chronic bacterial diarrhea.

Ozone is not just a very powerful oxidizing agent but also a very powerful no chemical disinfectant. It has the unique feature of decomposing into a harmless, non-toxic, environmentally safe material (commonly known as OXYGEN.)

Over 90% of all diseases, including the common cold and the flu, are caused by water or airborne bacteria and viruses. Like chlorine, ozone kills microorganisms. The sterilization action of ozone is by “direct kill attack” and oxidation of the biological material. However, the rate of bacteria killed by Ozone is 3,500 faster than using chlorine. Virus destruction with ozone is instantaneous, safe and foolproof.

Various Safe and Effective Ozone Therapies

1) Used initially in dental surgery and most recently in the United Kingdom for a variety of in-office therapies, it improves the local oxygen supply and inhibits bacteria. Ozonated water is now being used in the treatment of periodontal disease.

2) Ozonate Liquid Therapies (Direct Contact): This process uses various liquids, besides water, as a “carrying” agent for the ozone, as it contacts the area needing to be disinfected.

3) Using Ozonated Oils for Topical Skin Therapy

4) Bacterial, Virucidal, and Fungicidal Action: Science has known that ozone kills and inhibits pathogens since the nineteenth century. Only a few micrograms per liter of ozone provide sufficient germ-killing action. It works even faster on viruses than bacteria, at lower dosages, and is not influenced by pH, temperature, and other nearby organic compounds.

Application Suitability
Water Sterilization Suitable
Medical field Ideal
Disinfecting Suitable
Odour removal Suitable
Fumigation Suitable
Sterilization Suitable
Food Preservation Suitable
Hospitals Suitable
Horticulture Less suitable
Food Processing Suitable
Nursing Homes Suitable
Wineries Suitable

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