The OT6000/S/1 unit can be used in larger areas to sterilize, and neutralize air. This unit proved to be highly successful in controlling odor is restaurants or large washrooms and toilets.

More applications for this unit include:

  • Controlling bacteria on work surfaces in food and beverage processing plants
  • Slowing down the after-harvest ripening and decay process of stored fruit and vegetables
  • Slowing the decay of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and poultry in transit
  • Controlling the growth of mould in cellars and wineries
  • Removing smoke odours from buildings and furniture after a fire
  • Reducing odor emissions from fast food outlets, restaurants and food processing plants

Application Suitability
Water Sterilization Suitable
Medical field Suitable
Disinfecting Suitable
Odour removal Suitable
Fumigation Suitable
Sterilization Suitable
Food Preservation Suitable
Hospitals Suitable
Horticulture Suitable
Food Processing Suitable
Nursing Homes Suitable
Wineries Suitable

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