These units are specially designed to be installed with taps. Once installed, the unit will provide the user with instant ozonated water. The unit includes a solenoid valve so the opening and closing of the ozonated water is done through an electrical solenoid valve.

  • The unit is an ideal food sterilizer and hand cleaner.
  • The unit will sterilize the water making it safe to drink.
  • The unit can be used in a bathroom, kitchen or anywhere where sterilized water is needed.
  • Application Suitability
    Water Sterilization Ideal
    Medical field Suitable
    Disinfecting Suitable
    Odour removal Suitable
    Fumigation Less suitable
    Sterilization Suitable
    Food Preservation Suitable
    Hospitals Suitable
    Horticulture Suitable
    Food Processing Suitable
    Nursing Homes Suitable
    Wineries Suitable

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