UV Lights

UV air disinfection is an effective air purifier for health care facilities, wineries, correctional facilities, schools, and office buildings, hotels, etc.

The UV lights from Ozone Innovations are extremely versatile and easy to integrate into nearly any setting.

They can be:

  • Mounted on walls, ceilings, or in room corners.
  • Purchased as safe and reliable portable units.
  • Installed in ventilation ducts to cleanse your ventilation system.

The design of an ultraviolet sterilizer has an extremely important bearing on how the UV dose is delivered and dosage is the most critical function of UV disinfections. As individual UV lamps emit a set amount of ultraviolet energy, it is important that a system be sized correctly.

Ozone Innovations will design the right size system for your application.

UV lights with upper & lower air sterilization

UV lights with upper & lower air sterilization

Ozone Innovations's UV lights as used in cellars

UV lights for sterilizing barrels

UV used for sterilization in cheese factory

UV Disinfection system

UV lights for in-line water sterilization

Large scale application

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